The Wizard of Oz is coming to Ilkley

THROUGH this wet and windy March there is a rainbow beaming out. You won’t find it if you look up into the sky but it can be found in the King’s Hall at the end of March, when Wright Theatre Arts Dance Academy (WTA) bring The Wizard of Oz to the stage. The strength of this magical tale, told through dance, will delight audiences of all ages, even those unfamiliar with the world of dance.

The production has been carefully put together by WTA. Everything from the set, props and costumes to lighting and of course music – they’re all lovingly crafted by teachers, students and parents. The soundtrack has been carefully curated by Lynne Wright and Tamsin Wood to enhance the storytelling – there are familiar classical scores, showtune favourites, and many other styles in between – including, of course, the beautiful and poignant Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

More boys than ever are joining WTA; indeed, this is the first of WTA’s annual shows with a male lead, 14-year-old Adam Williams. It’s Adam’s first time in a lead role, and while he’s aware of the responsibility, he’s equally excited to perform with his WTA family. For Adam, as for the other lead performers, the show is a time to see how far they have come – this is the fifth show for Adam, and the sixth for Lucia Locke (14), who will be playing Dorothy.

If you have never seen a live dance performance, if you’ve (somehow!) never seen The Wizard of Oz before – even if you don’t know anyone in the cast – then follow the yellow brick road to the King’s Hall. The story is told through a variety of dance styles, matched with the scene – ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, and even Bollywood! It’s a perfect piece of escapist wonder to brighten any damp day.

The Wizard of Oz is on Thursday 28th, Friday 29th and Saturday 30th of March, with a matinee and an evening performance on the 30th. Tickets are now on sale at

Written by Claire Emmott

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