The Light Fantastic put a spring in our summer step!

It has been another successful week at The Light Fantastic Summer School!  This year’s theme was ‘The Strictly Bug Ball!’ and featured disco dancing moths, swinging stag beetles, ladybirds dancing the salsa and rock and roll grasshoppers! The children ranging from 5-14years, all collaborated and worked together beautifully to help create our show in 1 week, finishing with a performance on the final day for family and friends.  We always have a ball teaching at the summer school and just love how well the children all interact and take care of one another, there were no tears, squabbling or fall outs.  The example led by our older children was wonderful to watch; during the lunch breaks they facilitated games and to include every child, which filled us with pride. The children all took turns in the different aspects of the creative art work, they helped each other and encouraged their friend’s achievements.  It’s a wonderful atmosphere filled with lots of smiles and a fantastic place to be for the week.

A parent review:

‘The Light Fantastic marks the start of our summer and this year, as every year it lived up to its name. My children come back each night giddy with tales of new dances, costume ideas, scavenging around the house for junk modelling stuff and this year ‘oo’s and ah’s’ of how cute the youngest dancers are. It’s a lovely thing to see your children develop their skills in all art forms but also their responsibility and caring nature towards everyone in the ‘family’. 

Bugs, all in various tie-dyed tee shirts, all done by the children were the main costume. Bin liner wings in various colours looked and moved beautifully as well as the creating the lovely sound of fluttering wings. From ladybirds to stag beetles, moths and grasshoppers, each group dancing with joy and energy. There was obvious pride in showing their work to the audience. They negotiated some complex choreography with smiles and a sense of ownership in their own work. We laughed and loved it.

It’s a joyous, challenging arts week run by people with skill, spirit and warmth. Long may it continue to put a spring in our summer step.’

A child review:

‘The Light Fantastic was inspirational. It made me want to get up and dance more than I usually do (which is a lot).  Being the youngest in my family, I enjoyed having the little ones look up to me.  I also enjoyed making costumes and props, especially my ladybird hat.  Learning the choreography was fun, and sometimes challenging and it was nice to learn new steps like salsa and Charleston. I would recommend the Light Fantastic, even to my non-dance friends.’