Stepping into Christmas at the ‘Christmas Cabaret!’

The beginning of December saw the start of Christmas with WTA’s Christmas Cabaret Spectacular! The stage was set, St Johns was transformed from a church hall into a winter wonderland, with Christmas decorations and fairy lights adorning every wall! Parents began queuing half an hour before the show started in order to get the best seats and finally when they were let in the room came alive, raffle tickets were sold to help towards the costume fund, spiced apple and mulled wine was served along with cakes and mince pies, and a buzz of excitement filled the air as the audience began taking their seats eagerly waiting for the show to begin.

The older students backstage were plaiting all the children’s hair, busily applying make up, getting into costume and frantically rehearsing their dances!  The atmosphere was electric and you couldn’t help but be swept up in it all!  Lynne welcomed everyone for coming and explained about the laid back nature of the cabaret compared to our main show and thanked everyone for coming to support ! The show opened with our Associate class dancing on pointe to ‘We need a little Christmas’, with Adam performing some wonderful leaps and turns.  The first act carried on with dances from our youngest tap and modern classes all dressed as toys in Santas workshop, ‘Drummer Boy’ danced by our grade 2 and 3 tap class, which proved to be one of the most popular dances of the night, wearing some beautiful new soldier costumes and Grade 3 and 4 modern lit the stage with their smiles and energy as they performed ‘Underneath the tree’.

Act 2 was as high energy and sparkly as the first and began with senior choreography performing alongside their dance film, edited together by Tamsin, which can be seen on our facebook page.  This received many compliments and high reviews from parents. ‘Something new, never seen before and different’  were some of the comments made.  Senior jazz, performed sleigh ride, Grade 5 modern dressed as genies, popped up from behind Christmas presents pretending to be unwrapped by some of the younger members of the school and danced  ‘Friend like me’ with so much pizzazz you couldn’t help but dance along with them.  Grade 6 modern delighted the audience with their power when dancing ‘Skip to the good bit’ and ‘Dancin’ Fool’ which both got very loud cheers.  The night was almost over, but just to top it all off Father Christmas himself made an appearance, with a 6 merry little elves and 18 reindeer pulling his sleigh, ‘Here comes Santa Claus’ rang out and you couldn’t help but be filled with magic the Christmas spirit brings!  What a way to end a show, and step into Christmas!