Recent Covid update

It has been so lovely to see you all again after the long break for isolation.  Pupils/students and parents alike have been glad to be back into the studio again at last, having missed the classes and their dance buddies.  The seniors have said “It is fantastic to be back dancing and exercising again.”   Endorphins released during exercise/dance are vital for well-being and mental health particularly in teenagers and older children. 

With the government’s recent announcements, we at WTA are expecting to close the dance studio once again as of midnight on 5th November, but all classes will continue at their normal time on zoom.  With most out of school activities closing we hope that we can provide, through dance, a feel-good activity which the students and children need for their health and wellbeing in these uncertain times.

We are still hoping that dance will be classed as an educational activity and so be able to go ahead in the studio, but that is seemingly a slim chance currently. At least on Zoom students and pupils can take part in the lessons with their peers and can communicate with the teacher and their classmates.

All lessons will continue until the 19th December.  It looks as though Christmas will be a different celebration this year without our usual very popular Winter Wonderland Cabaret.

If you would still like to join WTA, please email us on we will send you the online links to join in classes, and hopefully we will be back in the studio after lockdown.

Many thanks for your patience as we try to provide the best service we can during this uncertain time.