Pizza Party!

It has come to that time again when our senior students leave us to start their new paths.  We are so sad this year to say goodbye to our wonderful Sophie who is leaving WTA as she prepares for her next step in education at Sheffield University.

To say goodbye we had a leavers pizza party, with the fabulous pizza oven my wonderful husband built!  The sun was shining and the girls had a lovely time chatting, creating their own pizzas and playing a competitive game of rounders, I am sad to say my team didn’t win! 24 pizzas later, and all a bit full, we watched Sophie open her presents, a diary/organiser for University and a photo frame with a photo of her dressed as ‘lead rose’ from her first show with us and a picture of her as the ‘Wicked Witch of the West’ from her final performance at WTA.  It was a wonderful afternoon, full of friends, laughter and fun, making us realise the importance of the friendships that are built at dancing and making us proud to see how fantastically they all get on.

It is hard to explain to people how hard it is for us to say goodbye to students, especially when they have been with us since they were 3, it really is like saying goodbye to a member of your family. She will be greatly missed, but we wish her the best of luck and hope she will, as part of the boomerang generation keep coming back!