Anybody who has watched a show produced by Wright Theatre Arts Dance Academy knows the high standard that is always achieved and also knows that they are in for a real treat of theatre, dance and storytelling. Lynne and Tamsin Wright’s production of Peter Pan at the Kings Hall on Saturday evening proved this to be true all over again and was a spectacular evening that was slick, colourful and beautifully danced by all, from the tiniest through to very accomplished older dancers who carried the story along with a wonderful sense of pace and enjoyment.

All the Principal dancers had great stage presence, bringing the much loved characters to life. Peter Pan, Wendy and Captain Hook communicated the drama, comedy and fun right up to the balcony, not an easy feat in a space as big as the Kings Hall, as well as performing complex choreography with ease and style. Every dancer was committed to telling the story from tiny Tinkerbell to energetic John and Michael, exotic Tiger Lily to the tapping Crocodile. The evening was made even more interesting due to the wide range of dance styles showcased including ballet, tap and contemporary.

Each dance number was cleverly woven into the story which is rare indeed in a dancing school show. Special mention must be made of the following; the opening dances in the Darlings nursery which just flew by led by an elegant Mr and Mrs Darling and h their faithful dog Nana with toe tapping tunes and wonderful costumes. A breathtakingly effective water dance using blue cloth, a stunning Bollywood number performed by the Adult Bollywood class who gave it their all and an energetic Pirate fight that was both skilfully choreographed and fantastically lit.

Well done to all involved, the enjoyment of the dancers was contagious and the audience came out smiling and buzzing with excitement. As one very young dancer was heard to say “its fun here”. It certainly was; fun, professionally produced and a joy to watch. Congratulations to everybody involved and to Lynne and Tamsin Wright for creating such a great show, we are already looking forward to the next one.