Open morning and award giving

Saturday 14th was the last day of dancing this year and our annual Open Morning.  We absolutely love this day as it really encapsulates the essence of the school, parents, grandparents and friends are all welcome to come and watch the progression through the dance school, from the ‘Tiny Toes’ through to our advanced students.  Teas and coffees and of course the Saturday ballet buns, were all available and served by James, and students from 2-18 all joined in 2 big circles to warm up and ease everyone into the day, galloping and skipping round to Roy’s lovely piano playing.

The first to show their work were our budding ballerinas in the pre-primary class, demonstrating the beginnings of ballet, knee bends in first position, snowing down the window, to show the softness use of the arms and first en courant position, rocking the doll, first transference of weight, and finally reindeer and Father Christmas trotting around the room, to show the beginnings of understanding different rhythms, reindeer trotting to eighth notes and Father Christmas walking to quarter notes.  Primary, or should I say one primary boy assisted by Grade 1’s were up next, demonstrating how the basics from pre-primary had already developed.  Phoebe from Grade 3 danced alone, as none of her fellow classmates had made it, she was strongly encouraged by other students praising her and applauding loudly to help boost her confidence, she said to her mummy, ‘ I was scared mummy, but I wanted to be brave!’ and this act of bravery inspired a few children from other classes to also perform some of their work as solos!  The senior ballet classes did not perform any work from their class work, instead they showed 2 of the ballet dances from the Cabaret instead.  The little children sat enthralled, there were no fidgety bottoms, or cry’s of boredom!    Next to be showcased were our tap and modern students, and as we haven’t been doing class work for the last half term due to rehearsing for the cabaret, the classes took it in turns to perform their tap numbers from the show, each one receiving a warm round of applause.

With only half an hour left of the morning, we quickly moved onto to our award giving.  At WTA we present a class award for each class and a most improved award.  In order to win the class award we look for good attendance, great presentation in both uniform and behavior, along with performance in attitude within the class, towards fellow students, teachers and stage performance.  It is very difficult to award this to one person as so many of our students meet the above criteria, which makes us very proud, but also makes it hard!  As well as class awards, we also have the trophies for each discipline and performer of the year!  New this year we have the Gulianna Locke award, in memory of Lucia’s mum, who sadly died this year.  Gulianna was beautiful, always so full of joy and lit up the room whenever she entered. She was so supportive of Lucia and the school and we wanted to honour her memory.  This trophy is a very special award as it is given to a person we feel emulates the WTA ethos, of kindness, support, love, nurturing, helpfulness and friendship.  Well done to all our class award, most improved award and trophy winners this year! We are proud of everyone we teach and find it increasingly hard to choose the recipients from our dedicated, hard working wonderful students.

After the awards giving there was still time to dance to ‘In Dulci Jubilo’ which has turned into a bit of a tradition at Open Morning, students ran to grab their parents/grandparents and formed the lines ready to begin!  Such a great way to celebrate all together the achievements of every student and end on a high before Christmas!

Open morning is just another example of the atmosphere and ethos that we try to implement across WTA, a supportive, inclusive, caring environment, where children from all ages are encouraged by one another. This morning was testament to that, and we couldn’t be more proud!

Junior Ballet – Pippa Bentley Senior Ballet – Eleanor Riley Junior Modern – Chloe Clarke Senior Modern – Annie Rasome / Caitlin Connolly Junior Tap – Luisa Hart Senior Tap – Lucy Chadwick Junior Choreography – Darcie Clegg Senior Choreograpy – Caitlin Connolly / Emma Docherty Junior Jazz – Lucy Bentley Senior Jazz – Lucia Locke Junior performer of the year– Phoebe Cobb-Webb Senior performer of the year – Louisa Kotzee Gulianna Locke Memorial Award – Maisie Clegg

Thank you to all who came to open morning today! What a wonderful end to the year! Here is a video of our fantastic students dancing with their parents and grandparents, which has become tradition! Merry Christmas everyone! #wtadanceacademy #wtafamily #wtadance #ilkley #ilkleydance #danceilkley #dancefamily #dance #dancing #christmas #danceisfun #lovetodance

Posted by WTA Dance Academy on Saturday, 14 December 2019