Dancing days are back!

We hope you have all had a wonderful summer and feel pumped and ready to go!  We have got some exciting things happening this term.  To start with we are introducing 2 new classes, ‘Baby Bop‘, which is a class for parents and toddlers aged 1-2yrs. This class explores movement, rhythm and playfulness; take a trip to nursery rhyme land with singing and dancing.  This is great sensory stimulation and bonding for both parent and child.  Our second class is ‘Senior Ballet’ for anyone aged 50+.  This class is designed for those in their twilight years, ideal for hip, knee replacements and those with arthritic joints.  For men and women of all abilities.  Both classes will be on a Thursday morning at St Johns Hall, Ben Rhydding.

We have 2 theatre trips booked.  The first is to watch Dada Masilo’s version of ‘Gisele’ at the Alhambra, Bradford. We are very excited about this piece, it looks powerful, original and moving, and we cannot wait to see what our students think.  I am currently chatting with Dada to see if we can organise a workshop for our senior students around this piece of work.  We have also booked seats at Ilkley Cinema to watch ‘ROH triple bill’.  It is so wonderful that live arts cinema is available to view in our home town.  Before it was unlikely we would ever get the opportunity to watch the Royal Ballet perform, and now we can watch this amazing high level of performance from the comfort of a sofa, at a price that is affordable and with the best views in the house 🙂 If anyone wants tickets to either of the above, please let us know.

Also this term is our annual, ‘Winter Wonderland Christmas Cabaret’.  This is the start to Christmas for many and is packed full of Christmas and chart topping songs.  Tickets will be available after half term, we will be performing 3 shows this year, a matinee and evening performance on Saturday 30th November and matinee showing on Sunday 1st December.  All tap, modern and jazz students will perform, along with associate ballet.  Tickets are available to the whole school, we encourage all to come watch even if your child is not in the show, as it really is a fun, festive start to the season!