Greetings from all at WTA, we wish you a hopeful new year.  I would usually say happy, but I am sure we are all feeling that this new year has started with less than a bang! We are desperately sorry for our children and students in the dancing school who are having to do virtual  schooling and not see friends. Throughout the last two lockdowns I taught a full timetable however, this time I feel that it is too much to expect that the children and students spend their evenings learning technical exercises from a computer as well! 

We are so sorry that we cannot offer lessons to our newest younger members of the school this time including Baby Bop, Tiny Toes and Reception Ballet.

We are greatly aware that dance and movement are very important to our students’ physical and mental well being and with this in mind we would like to offer the following

Primary KS1 – Fun dance class for all disciplines Tuesdays @ 4.00pm
Primary KS2
 – Fun dance class for all disciplines Tuesdays and Thursdays @5.oopm
Grammar School –  University Alumni

Tuesdays @ 6.00pm Dance Fit (will include some fun dance styles and strength and flexibility to keep you studio ready)

Thursdays @ 7.00pm Bollywood with Tamsin – you will be learning Chammack Challo, as it was meant to be showtime and this would have been taught for the Caterpillar dance

Fridays @ 6.00pm Barre work – mixed Genre Ballet/contemporary/Jazz

Younger KS2 may prefer to come to the KS1 lesson and equally, younger grammar school students may prefer the KS2 lessons, it is entirely up to the student. Lessons will be £5 each, invoiced at the end of the month.

Bethany is also teaching a HITT (high intensity training) Mondays and Wednesdays at 6.00pm for senior grammar school and adults for anyone who is interested.

Links on facebook and payment details to follow via email.  
Please use our WTA Facebook page for the most up to date information, thank you. Zoom links to follow on facebook