Measures in place for the protection of students and staff during dance lessons at St Johns October 2020

1) Pupils/Students should try to arrive on foot or bicycle according to Government guidelines. If arriving by car, please avoid car sharing if possible.
2) Please arrive at the time of your lesson to avoid queuing as much as possible. Parents and grammar school students please arrive/drop off wearing face masks.
3) Please ensure children (especially the youngest)/ students have been to the toilet before arrival. The toilets may be used if necessary and will be very regularly cleaned.
4) Please wait outside the fire escape door social distancing, where you will be welcomed at the door and a register taken as pupils/students enter.
5) Participants must arrive changed and ready for the lesson; we suggest onesies for warmth over kit. Named WTA onesies and hoodies can be ordered from Lynne or Lisa.
6) On entrance, hand sanitiser will be used and outer clothing left at the front of the hall. The hall will be marked out according to social distance guidance by the government and students will position themselves in their own station.
7) When barres are used students will be socially distanced. Barres will be cleaned with sterilized wipes after every use and students will be encouraged to have a small bottle of personal hand sanitiser to use after the barre work, this will be offered if students forget.
8) Students should bring their own clean towel and water bottle that may be placed close to their workstation.
9) The pre-school junior classes will be run according to nursery guidelines. Children must bring their own teddy or doll to the lesson as we are not able to provide soft toys.
10) Pupils/Students will leave (and be collected if applicable) by the door at the end of the hall to avoid groups passing one another.
11) Unfortunately, we cannot allow parents into the studio except Baby Bop which is a parent/grandparent and child class. Do not worry about your young children, we are extremely experienced and they will be well cared for. Pranzos café/bistro is only 100 yards down the road from St Johns where I am sure parents will be welcomed for a coffee whilst they wait and we will have emergency numbers to phone in any emergency.
12) Baby Bop – Parents should wear masks and will be allocated a mat/station on arrival. Children should bring their own teddy or doll to use in the lesson. The classes will be just as much fun, even if parents
cannot currently be in close contact with one other.
13) Fees will remain the same as last year despite the rise in rent and other expenses. This term will have a slight discount to reflect the later start. We are unable to take into consideration any lessons missed because of Corona Virus isolation by any students, however if parents are agreeable, the class will be recorded and sent to the student concerned so that they can do the class at home thus getting the benefit of
the lesson.
14) The studio will be regularly cleaned.
15) Some timetable changes have been necessary in order to keep class sizes within regulations.