On the 22nd October 2016 Tamsin finally wed Nick.  Tamsin’s excitment in the run up to the big day was shared by the both parents and the children of WTA.  The family of WTA was very much celebrated during the course of the day, starting with Lynne’s surprise for Tammy.  Lynne had secretly choreographed an entrance using some of the younger students of the school, starting with the Grade 6 girls who danced and waltzed beautifully down the ailse leading the way for the Primary and Pre-Primary ballet girls to twirl and throw leaves marking the entrance for the by then, emotional bride!

It was an entrance that everyone will remember and brought tears to most eyes in the church.  The ‘show’, as people described it continued with singing from both the best man James, who sang Ave Maria and cheif bridemaid Bethany, who sang song bird; a poem written and read eloquently by Ciara, also a bridesmaid and a talk written personally by Tams uncle Stuart for the couple ( a dad at WTA for many years).  The senior girls ended the ‘show’ performing ‘Chammack Challo’ whilst Tamsin and Nick signed the register.

They were absolutely amazing, wowing the guests with their profesionalism. The praise recieved was a great testament to all we do at WTA.  The iccing on the cake was the Bollywood flashmob in the evening.  The seniors entered in the glittering costumes and danced their hearts out, gathering the guests round, half way through the dance the girls reached out to the crowd and the bridal party stepped forward, surprising all our family and friends!  Tam even managed to get her dad, James dancing Bollywood!  It was a huge success, and so much fun, the claps and cheers made the hard work all the more worth while.  A huge thank you to all that came to support and offered help, it was the most amazing day, and one that will never be forgotten.